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Escaping certain death, the French way!

The world of science was shocked this week by an announcement of the mayor of Le Lavandou (a community somewhere on the French Cote d’Azur). For years the scientific community has been looking for a way to escape certain death, or even just to extend life a little bit more. Success has been marginal. Many people still die every day of old age.

The mayor of Lavandou made a fool of science, by pointing out the obvious solution to the problem of death. He ordered people not to die anymore in his town. The town’s cemetery is full and cannot hold any more non-living residents.

After the initial shock of being humiliated so deeply the scientific community struck back. They did some research and discovered that since the two years that this ban on dying has been in place, around 50 people still die each year.

The mayor pointed out to the ignorant scientists, that it was not his fault that the people have no respect anymore for authority. He rightly pointed out that it is all the fault of the advent of the television. The television sucked out all respect for real-life authority. The mayor of Le Lavandou reminisced fondly that when his great-great-grandfather was mayor of Le Lavandou people still listened to the major. In the year 1882 this wise man had issued a similar order and no one had died that year.

The scientific community subsequently left beautiful Le Lavandou with their tail between their legs like a whipped dog.

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