The university of life

the beginning

It may be difficult to imagine but there wasn’t always a University of life. In fact the University of life might not even have started with life itself. In the UOL we try to learn about life by living, but did the first ever single cellular organism have a brain? And if it did, was it capable of learning?

Modern microbes are highly evolved, in fact they are the most advanced species on this world since they have been around the longest.

They apparently lost their brains. On the other hand, human beings are a recent addition to the local fauna and have huge brains.

Their brains are so big that they sometimes have to wear hats to keep it all in place.

We tentatively propose that once the human species starts evolving again our brains will grow smaller, just like the brains of the bacteria once did.

This will have many implications for our society and we fear that the highly profitable hat industry will be the first victim.


Professor at the UOL

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