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DIY (Do It Yourself) is a very popular hobby nowadays. Instead of letting the professional rebuild your house you take the hammer into your own hands and tear down the old, unwanted and unfashionable.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be so easy to apply DIY to our own lives. We go through live floating on the big blue flow of life. Seldom we take action ourselves and fight this flow.

A question could be of course: do we really need to fight the flow of life? Is it that bad to live life according to accepted standards? Do we really have to make trouble?

A fact of life is that rarely anything interesting will happen by itself. Chance makes it of course possible for random interesting events to occur, but the frequency of this is in general low.

This leaves only one option: we have to take control ourselves and show initiative in life.

Unfortunately, fighting the flow will cause ripples in the water. We might have to make choices we don’t like, or other people don’t like. Maybe we will make the wrong choices. Probably we will. We are after all just human.

So, go out there and live or float, or do both and sink.

And if this is too big of a step in your life, in the infamous words of Jordan Peterson, go and clean your room.

Your own room, not someone else's


Professor at the UOL

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