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It is not easy to define life, but we all know what it is. This is valid for many things. We all know instantly if a person is an asshole although sometimes we cannot define why that person is such an asshole. We all know people we actually like, but sometimes it is difficult to define why we like them. Sometimes we even like people that behave like complete assholes. At the University of Life we study all aspects of life. We have found that capability to experience is one of the more essential features of life, or being alive. When there is no more experience life ceases to exist. Although the dead still usually have to go through a burial or cremation, which could be defined as an experience, they are not able to experience this experience since they lost control over their senses. We should be grateful for this since it would be quite an awful experience to be buried or cremated alive. Therefore we need our senses to experience in order to be alive. It is all very complicated. It is a lot of work to be alive and that's why we probably need so much sleep. Are we more alive during sleep or when we are awake? We don't know, but personally I think that when I sleep I become God almighty himself and can control the whole world. Unfortunately I'm a complete fuck up and every morning when I turn open the newspaper I see the terrible things I have done during my sleep: earthquake here, hunger there, beer price raised in Finland, Bush still in power, cows gone crazy over EU milk quotas, and other equally horrible things. It's not easy to be an all-powerful deity, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I just wonder who controls the world when I am awake.


Professor at the UOL

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