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The joy of sex

Sex and reproduction: We humans are aware that both can be two entirely different things. Some people have sex and no reproduction, while other people have no sex but have reproduction (in vitro fertilization). We think that this separates us from the lower animals. How much further from the truth could we really be?

It is indeed true that the Bonobo chimpanzee will have sex with about anyone for social purposes, but let us just think that they are an aberration of nature. It is the proverbial exception that proves the rule. All the other furry, feathery, scaly and slimy creatures we know about all go into a sex frenzy with the intention to reproduce. We are the royalty of nature. We finally managed to make a rift between sex and reproduction.

What a disappointment we have in store for you. We are merely reverting back to the ancestral state. Reproduction is the creation of new individuals; sex is the combination of genes of at least two individuals. Unicellular organisms (organisms consisting of one cell) have mastered the art of sex without reproduction. Bacteria exchange genetic material between each other with no problems with so-called sex pili. And no reproduction takes place during this act of passion. Our notorious school biology friend the paramecium can exchange genes by conjugation. Their cytoplasm connects shortly and an open exchange of information is made. They politely say goodbye after this explicit sexual act, and never have the fear of having accidentally made a baby.

Therefore let us be humble the next time we walk in to a fertilization clinic, or go to an orgy with the intention of having sex without responsibility. There is already an orgy going on every inch of your body, of your intestine and on probably every surface you can possibly look at.


Professor at the UOL

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