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Is the human species still evolving - couch potatoes 2

Is the human species still evolving? It is a question that is often posed with often ludicrous answers following it. We will not participate in the madness and will give a serious answer.

Many people might remember the previous lecture on the origin of the term 'couch potato'. It was concluded that the vegetative reference to potato refers the developmental process of vegetalization of the human embryo. This reduced the motor functions of the affected specimens. People wrongly infer that a reduction in motility reduces evolutionary fitness. We postulate the opposite. A reduction in motility by the vegetalization of the human embryo has increased evolutionary fitness.

The most important commodity in a modern human society is not access to food or sex. Bought can nowadays be easily purchased. What is then more precious than food and sex? It is of course information. Information leads to power, insight, wealth, happiness, and reproductive success.

The couch potato is a specialist in information gathering. It just sits there in front of the television and soaks up little particles of information from the ever growing stream of shit flowing from the tube. Natural selection favours the information gathering machines which have minimized their energy expenditure and maximized their information intake. Hence the dramatic increase in couch potatoism in the most recent decades and couch potatoism can be rightfully called the next step in human evolution.

However, this is not the final step in the evolution of the human species. The couch potato is a specialist in gathering huge quantities of information. The next evolutionary step will transform this gatherer into one that filters the information according to its value.

Ironically the high value information density on the spuriousmonkey website is of such a magnitude that we predict that the future of mankind lies with humans who have it bookmarked.


Professor at the UOL

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