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Watches hatch from eggs

We were recently extremely excited. News reached our ears about a sensational phenomenon never witnessed before in the history of humanity. It seems that watches hatch from eggs. Yes, these intricate things you wear around your wrist and tell time grow from eggs.

As always the truth can be found on the internet on sites managed by religiously inclined people. We were going through a page which claimed that it could refute Darwinism. This was shocking news to us. We were under the assumption that the theory of evolution was extremely well supported by scientific evidence. In our search for the refutation of Darwinism we stumbled on something even bigger: intelligent design.

Apparently watches were found in deserted places such as an empty beach. We agreed with the commentary on the website that the watch could not have arrived on that beach by accident.

We immediately thought of the possibility that there is a person out there with a strange hobby. This person likes to put perfectly functioning watches on deserted beaches for other people to find and wonder how it got there.

But that wasn't the answer. Apparently the watch is designed. We still didn't quite get it how it got lost on the beach. We must be dealing with a careless designer.

We then learned that living organisms are similar to watches. They are also very complex. We already knew that, but that was not all of it. Because watches and living organisms are so incredibly similar they are both designed by a designer (it was not mentioned if we are talking about the same careless designer who likes to leave things unattended in empty areas).

Moreover this was an intelligent designer. We can agree with that since highly intelligent people tend to get confused easily. We can imagine such a designer forgetting things at weird places.

We could however notice that the writer of the intelligent design argument was not a developmental biologist. He forgot to mention the other shocking news that has to be distilled from the incredible likeness of a watch and living organism such as a chicken.

But you heard it first on the spuriousmonkey website:

Watches hatch from eggs.

Please spread the word because we are still in shock.


We are sorry to report that we recently received news that makes us doubt that watches hatch from eggs. A recent survey showed that 97.3% of the American population believes that chicken is made in a 'chicken' factory. That somehow gives support to the notion that watches do NOT hatch from eggs. We will keep you updated.


Professor at the UOL

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