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Laws of physics are confused!

We were browsing the creationist websites trying to find evidence that suggested that the theory of evolution could no longer be called a valid scientific theory. Horror and shock filled our minds by the things we read. We fear the end of the world. The laws of physics are out of control. The creationists claim that the second law of thermodynamics cannot be valid if evolution is real. Unfortunately they made an erroneous conclusion. They thought that evolution cannot exist because the second law must be true. They missed out on the fact that a huge mountain of evidence exists that supports the theory of evolution. We fear therefore that the second law of thermodynamics has seized to be valid! Be prepared to lose gravity soon too. The end of the world has come.

This notion is supported by the fact that the same creationist researchers found evidence that carbon dating can also no longer be trusted. Atoms have lost the ability to tell time. This must surely mean that the universe is accelerating towards the end of times known as the apocalypse. Be prepared to panic and scream.

We want to spread the truth. We want you to spread the word: the end of the world is near and spuriousmonkey brought this shocking news to the attention of the world first. Now go and panic.


We are sorry to report that we recently received news that the second law of thermodynamics is valid for closed systems and earth isn't a closed energy system since it reveives huge amounts of energy from the sun. Moreover, life is known to use this energy to make more complex things. Can someone please inform the creationists.


Professor at the UOL

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