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Creationist scientists make breakthrough discovery and Atheists are in shock

Usually the critique of creationists on the theory of evolution doesn't go much deeper than misquoting some authoritative evolutionary biologists and putting some strange claims on a website.

Not any longer is this the case. Six years ago the Society for Creationist Science launched a new journal (Creationist Science) and a new research institute (Institute of Creationist Biotechnology, Utah). We were skeptical in the beginning but it seems we have to eat our words. The Researchers at ICB made a remarkable discovery.

They realized that it would be unsatisfactory to just disprove evolution since evolutionists are fanatical and close-minded believers, and cannot be reasoned with. They decided to do exactly the opposite. They would try to deliver irrefutable proof for creationism.

For six years the researchers worked in secret, and were often tempted to continue working on Sunday to finish their work. And this month in the latest issue of CS (Vol 63, 2004, p648-666) they showed the presence and influence of God in almost every tissue of mice, rats, chimps and human beings. The researchers had raised a monoclonal antibody raised against an epitope commonly found on organic materials that had been subject to divine intervention, such as tissue samples from miraculous medical recoveries. This antibody reacts with cells that are under active control of God.

To the surprise of the hardworking researchers almost all tissues in the mammalian body are under divine influence, except for the male testis.

The Creationist spokesperson commented: 'the atheists can keep their balls; we have all the good organs.'

The atheist community is in shock and reports are flooding in of atheists flocking towards churches.


Professor at the UOL

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