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Feedback to 'Why Tigers have stripes'


Dear Spurious Monkey,

Do you think tigers are born with these stripes? No. They have to earn them. Just like in the army, the number and pattern of stripes are signs of rank and authority. While striping has nothing to do with camouflage or looking thin, sexual selection may be involved--female tigers like a male in uniform.

This striping is such a good way to show rank that bunnies have decided to use it. This confuses the hell out of the tigers, and the tigers (both male and female) get really annoyed when they see a rabbit impersonating a high ranking tiger.

(Actually, a species of striped rabbits has been found. I don't know if there are any tigers in this region that can be bothered by them: BBC News article)

Best wishes



Dear Scott,

We are sending out an expedition to the jungles of India. We would really like to see a picture or actual footage of a rabbit annoying a tiger.


Professor at the UOL

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