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Intelligent design full of bugs

Some people claim that the diversity of life as we can see it all around us today (and tomorrow) is the result of intelligent design. This view opposes that life is the result of evolution by means of natural selection as proposed by Charles Darwin.

A typical proof for the hypothesis of intelligent design is providing an analogy. If you would walk on a deserted beach and you would find a watch you would know for sure that it was created by an intelligent being most likely located either in Swisterland or China. The same is true for finding a cockroach in your kitchen. It is so perfect in its design (and which creature is more perfect than a cockroach) that it must have been created by an intelligent being. In this case an intelligent superbeing located in Heaven. The coack roach cannot have been an accident.

Since we are rather helpful at the University of Life we would like to give the proponents of intelligent design another analogy that supports their quaint little theory. If you would look at a piece of software for your computer you immediately see its complexity and realize it has been created by an intelligent nerd. At the same time software is also full of bugs. Now go outside into nature. You can see its complexity immediately and it is obvious that it is also created by an intelligent being. It is also full of bugs.


Professor at the UOL

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