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Science proves rich people have no taste!

We all knew rich people are just a sad bunch of superficial losers and now science has proven it.

Trustworthy and honest scientists did an inventory of old restaurant menus to see how different seafood populations have been doing through the ages.

A quote from the article proves how superficial rich people really are:

"One particularly striking example is lobster, says Holm. During the mid-to-late 1800s, these crustaceans were mostly eaten by servants. But during the twentieth century, as they became harder to catch, they gradually acquired their current desirable status. "With lobster, availability and fashionability are two opposing trends," Holm says. "

So if you want to know what rich people will eat in 20-50 years time just look at your own plate.

That's right. They will be eating TV dinners.

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