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Feedback to 'rich people are shallow'


In Finland salmon used to be a delicacy of rich people, because it became rare after dams were build to rivers which prevented the migration of salmons to its natural breeding areas. Also intensive fishing made an huge impact to the salmon population. Then Norway and Finland started grow salmons in fisheries. Result was that price of salmon went down and poor people could also purchase this delicacy! This led to a debate of taste difference between breed and wild salmon, of course. Nowadays everyone can enjoy the taste of salmon, but the rich are eating a new 'fish', cod. Cod use to be eaten by poor people while rich was eating salmon. Nowadays cod is rarer than salmon so you know the result!

An other example is cultural! In Sweden people fish lot of vendace and eats it as fried, but they don`t eat the eggs of the vendace. In Finland people eat both and especially the eggs are regarded as an delicacy. So swedes throw away tons of vendace eggs every year as in finland they are sold about 30€/kilo. What we can figure out this? Are finns richer than swedes? Or vice versa?



Dear anonymous contributor,

We admire your perseverence. Not everybody sends the same email twice. Therefore your point must be important and factual.

We thank you for providing extra proof for the fact that rich people are very shallow indeed.

About why swedes throw away vendace? Could it be that they are trying to feel superior?

Historically Sweden as a Nation has been occupying and belittling Finland whenever possible. By throwing away a rich delicacy (according to the Fins) they show that they are vastly superior to the Fins. They can afford to throw away riches while the Fins cannot. We feel that the Swedes are very chidish in this matter and we have sent an urgent dispatch to the Swedish government so that this madness will end.


Professor at the UOL

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