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Elephants dodge the bullet

Elephants are being hunted because they present a substantial reward in the form of a nice set of protruding teeth known as tusks that can be converted into ivory piano keys or a nice set of shiny billiard balls.

Although humans think that they are clever, nature is once again trying to outsmart us. More and more elephants are being born without tusks. The selective pressure of ivory poachers has caused a change in the population of wild elephants. More and more elephants are born without tusks because they are not hunted and have therefore more reproductive success.

Here at the University of Life we have run some computer simulations to predict the next breakthrough in evolution caused by human hunting. The tiger is being hunted because some people believe that the tiger penis enhances the human sex drive and cures impotency. Our simulation predicted that more and more tigers will be born without penis. This will prevent hunters wishing to kill innocent tigers. And more male tigers will reach adulthood.

And that will save the species.

Source (unfortunately the journal Science has changed its formatting over time and the link doesn't work any more)


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