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The evolution of multitasking - The battle of the sexes

In light of our previous article a question was submitted concerning the difference in the ability to multitask between men and women.

Research has shown that women are better in multitasking than men. Multitasking is easier with a lateralized brain, that is an asymmetric brain. Different tasks are performed by different hemispheres of the brain. Fish can be bred to have a more lateralized brain and were able to eat faster under threat than fish with non-lateralized brains. A clear evolutionary advantage.

Since women are better at multitasking than men we have to ask ourselves the question if women are more highly evolved than men. This thought has caused ripples of shock throughout the academic community dominated by men. Years of work were dropped at an instant to refocus on this particular problem by many male research gurus.

And man once again delivers the goods. It now has reported that the increased lateralization of the brain does improve the multitasking skills of women, but since only half a brain is used to focus on a subproblem the intelligence displayed during the multitasking process is also restricted. Men can only concentrate on one thing with their entire brain and usually use both hemispheres. Which immediately makes them twice as intelligent.

We at the University of Life remain skeptical. By concentrating with the entire brain on a silly problem man has once again made a giant leap of faith towards progress, probably braking both its legs in the process.

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