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Why do ugly people exist?

Indeed, why are there ugly people in the world? If evolution really works shouldn't there have been an environmental pressure to get rid of ugly people? Aren't people picking the most attractive partners they can find to reproduce? Shouldn't this lead to the elimination of ugly people over time?


Evolution is a clever fellow. Evolution doesn't care much about aesthetics as we do. Of course symmetrical features are often an excellent sign of good health and good genes. And certainly we prefer to have sex with a model if we could. But we do not all have sex with models. There are not enough of them to go around.

Our male genes have realized this a long time ago. They can sit around waiting for the model, or go with whatever is available and hope that maybe the next generation male finds a model. For the male genes it is a win-win situation. For the male form this is not always true. The male form might end up with an aesthetically displeasing female form.

The male genes are in control of the one organ that matters for the male form; the penis. The male genes have hardwired the penis to go after whatever female form that comes along. This process was facilitated by the invention of beer. Hence men will reproduce with any female form imaginable.

The female genes have similar desires. They have not hardwired the female sex organ in a similar way to the male form. Instead they are hardwired in to the brain and transformed it. It has become specialized in the conniving task of trapping men. Any man.

Beautiful people are actually doomed. They have to find a suitable partner of similar beauty which is time- and energy consuming. Time and energy that could have been spend on reproducing. Ugly people just do it.

Why do beautiful people still exist you ask? They don't. It is well known that beauty is a cultural value that has changed over the ages. This was not a whim, but a necessity. Whenever a certain type was labeled as beautiful it was doomed to perish because of the actions of male and female genes. And once again a new cultural form of beauty had to be invented.


Professor at the UOL

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