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Economists prove the irrefutable existence of climate change

A news story is shocking the scientific community. The Economist community managed the prove the existence of climate change without the help of any climate change scientists.

They discovered that in recent years the property damage caused by floodings in the USA has increased dramatically. In the last three decades climate change flood damage accounted for $75 billion of the estimated total of $199 billion in flood damage.

This kind of data could still easily be shrugged off by any climate skepticists but then economic scientists presented the final nail in the coffin of the counter arguments of these doubting skepticists.

They showed that before the year 1775, when only a marginal amount of fossil fuels was used in the USA, there was exactly 0 billion in flood damages reported.

In mainland Europe climate change as measured by flood damage in Euros is showing a similar trend, however, here the effects are more recent. Before the year 1999 there was no flood damage recorded in Euros.

Currently reports are flying in of flood damage, and it is estimated that by the year 2080 annual flood damages will amount up to 100 billion each year in this region.

It is perhaps no surprise that in Europe the Swedish Greta Thunberg is leading the resistance against climate skepticists who are actively trying to subverse scientific thought. In her native country, Sweden, the European trend has been visible already for a longer time. In Sweden climate induced flood damage in Swedish Krona has been recorded since 1873, more than a 100 years before the records in Euros started on mainland Europe.

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