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Siberia may be long-sought site of dog domestication!

After years of failed research and thousands of broken PhD students, science finally discovered the spot where the first dog was born: Siberia.

This happened quite some time ago, some 23.000 years, researchers claim based on hours of pipetting liquids from one vial to another, and examining bones. This therefore occurred well before the existence of social media, so there are no photos available of that first dog on the internet.

After some times past, some Siberians thought: "Fuck this, Siberia sucks. It is too cold", and they moved to the American continent taking a puppy with them. Others thought, no way I am going to America, the USA won't be created for another 20.000 years so I am going south to Asia. I am going to take the other puppy with us. And so the great Canine dispersion commenced.

In the research paper allegedly they explain this in a more sophisticated manor, but here at the University of Life we doubt that the average Siberian would think like that.

Why didn't the Siberians domesticate the cat? Archeological evidence showed that they tried but the results tended to be messy. Many bones in ancient graves showed bite marks of Siberian tigers, the largest of all feline species. Although some of these marks were playful in nature, many were deadly.

Here at the University of Life we honour the Siberians for at least trying.


Professor at the UOL

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