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Only women get to decide which gender to pick in their offspring!

Scientists discovered how to make sure you have either a boy or girl with your partner. Men with lots of brothers tend to get sons, while those with lots of sisters can't help themselves and produce girls.

If you are a man there is just acceptance of fait, but if you are a woman, you can check the gender of your partner's siblings.

Partners that were raised as a single child should be written off immediately researchers say. No siblings equals a big fat gamble.

Partners with many siblings of the correct gender are to be preferred if you have deep desires for a child of a specific gender.

The Single Child Association of Belgium already tweeted angrily that this study is outrageous and discriminatory and that it incites microaggression towards single children.

A worrisome trend is the increase in single child families in the USA and Europe. Future generations are denied to the opportunity to select the ideal partner.

It is rumoured that the catholic church will bring out a statement in the future in response to this groundbreaking study stating: we told you so. Referring to the age old tradition among stout catholics to make babies whenever possible.

And as usual, men have no choice in the matter.


Professor at the UOL

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