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Tourism industry at least 30.000 years old!

Researchers recently reported that the tourist industry is much older then we may think it is. It dates back at least 30.000 years.

This news came as a final blow to the tourist industry which is suffering in agony due to the negative effects of covid on this industry. A hotel entrepeneur stated "We always talk about how things were better last year, and now we even know things were better 30.000 years ago!", after which we heard nothing but sobbing over the telephone line.

Prehistoric seafarers managed to successfully travel to the Ryukyu Islands in Japan ancient mariners successfully navigated a perilous ocean journey to arrive at Japan’s Ryukyu Islands from both the North and the South. Satellite data showed that the currents in this area are such that it is impossible to arrive at this destination by accident. Hence, these people must have gone there on purpose. And tourism is the only reasonable explanation.

The only reason humans travel to a single destination from various sites is tourism. This has been an established fact since the seasonal invasion of Spain started in the 1960s by mainland Europe. Spain was seperated from Europe by the impregnable Pyrenees, a massive mountain range separating Spain from the rest of Europe. In 2019 Spain was the second most visited country in the world.

Some researchers have questioned the results of this scientific report that tourism is at least 30.000 years old. They boldly claim that there is no satellite data that is 30.000 years old, because the satellite was invented only in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched the infamous Sputnik.

Others responded to this criticism that then also the tourism data on Spain should be thrown out because Sputnik also preceded the first wave of tourism in this country.

The Bureau of Tourism of Taiwan finally tried to calm down all involved parties and stated unofficially that "it would be a good time to visit Taiwan and have a cocktail on one of its beautiful sandy beaches".

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