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Childhood diet has lifelong impact on health!

The childhood diet has a lifelong impact on the health of the adult. At least that has been proven in mice. The microbiome diversity in the gut is reduced when mice are fed nothing but icecream and pizza, the typical diet of a modern child. Why the energy drinks were left out in the experiment is everyone's guess. It is also part of a staple diet of the contemporary grumpy teenager.

Human data supports the notion that childhood diet has consequences even many years later. Once established the microbiome doesn't easily change.

Analysists have calculated that the average human has to eat 42 salads to compensate for a small pizza.

Changing your diet will not reverse the adverse effects of a poor childhood diet immediately. And no magic pill was discovered either in this research.

Some scientists say that there is still one final solution, even though they received nothing but ridicule from a jealous scientific community.

In a shocking reveal the dissident scientists recommend that we all start eating poop from healthy people.

Healthy people responded by stating that they are in principle ok with the idea, but it is going to cost. A healthy diet is not cheap and a lifetime's worth of a healthy diet is priceless. They would like to see some return on this investment.

As one healthy person put it: "I would like to stuff my face with pizza too, but I choose not to"


Professor at the UOL

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