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Rocks prank scientific community!

Scientists all over the world came together as one to express their dismay. This is the first time in human history that scientists agreed on anything.

Scientists reject the effort of ancient rocks all over the world to mock and ridicule them at the expense of their reputation and good name

It turns out rocks are really good at mimicing microbial fossils that would represent the first life forms.

At first scientists believed that onle a few rocks managed to fool their lifelong dedication to the study of ancient life in rocks. But it turned out "fake" fossils that are virtually indistinguishable from real fossils of ancient microbes are terribly common. Scientists state that it is already easy to get confused being professors and all, and this just makes life so much more confusing.

What looks like ancient life as found in fossils, often isn't ancient life. It is just rocks having a laugh at the expense of serious people that dedicated their life to help humanity.

Witnesses allegedly reported one wild scientist going beserk in a rock field with a sledge hammer, muttering exclamations such as "I will show you who is the pinacle of evolution" and "You evil twisted rocks!".

Some mutterings could not repeated here, because the University of Life is a family friendly treasure of information.

Radical subversive elements in science called out for a reclassification of life, where rocks should be classified as intelligent life.

Here at the University of Life we prefer traditional values and firmly and coldly reject these proposals.


Professor at the UOL

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