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Prehistoric peacedeal between ancient caterpillars and early birds!

In a shocking discovery that shook the foundation of modern science, dedicated researchers discovered that ancient caterpillars had armoured spikes on their back.

These outrageous creatures evolved their defensive measures right at the time when the first birds also decided to evolve.

Scientists are baffled on why caterpillars have lost the ability to increase their survival rate by growing a nice set of armoured spikes.

That is until a historian discovered a prehistoric peacy treaty between ancient caterpillars and early birds.

To what may come to a shock, the early birds offered to get rid of their teeth if the caterpillars got rid of their spikes. At the time it probably seemed like a good deal for the caterpillar representatives, but little did they know that the toothless beaks of birds are just as murderous and deadly as the toothed ones.

But peace accords are peace accords and the caterpillars throughout history held true to their word.

Some scientist call this explanation ridiculous and unsupported by any evidence, but the opposing party just pointed out in a powerpoint slide that no living bird currently has teeth, and no caterpillar has armoured spikes. How else could these things that are obviously connected be explained?

Names were called on both sides of the argument.

All we know at the University of Life is that it might have happened this way, albeit that it is unlikely.


Professor at the UOL

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