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Absolutely NOT a doomsday device scientist say!

Scientists created a magical device that can self-assemble in the uterus of wild horse and could limit births of new wild horses.

Scientists all over the world got really excited contemplating future applications of this device to curtain certain animal populations.

A mosquito scientist told a reporter that it is a shame mosquitos don't have uteri, otherwise it would be a piece of cake to reduce the impact of Malaria all over the world. For a generous fee of course. Some speculated that it might be possible to gene splice a uterus into the mosquitos genetic code, and that would solve all problems.

The Military Industrial Complex and the Deep State allegedly have no intentions to ever use this on a human population. They want us to remember that they never lied to us and to use Facebook messenger.

Similarly Chinese government officials allegedly claimed that this absolutely wouldn't work on one of its minorities that urgently need suppressing. If these minorities even existed of course.

Here are the University of Life we feel fortunate to live in a perfect world where scientists think of nothing more than to further societal needs. And applying for grants.


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