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Scientists canceled after mocking size of black holes!

Hashtag "CancelScience" is trending on twitter after scientist mock plus-sized black holes.

Scientists alledge that the very first discovered black hole is more massive than previously thought. Scientists claimed that the very first discoverd plus-sized sun weighs the same as 21.2 solar masses instead of the previously estimated 14.8.

Verified twitter users jumped upon these outragous claims of the privileged white scientists stating that they are discriminatory and hurtful. An act of microaggression so massive it could be qualified as macroagression.

"Why is it always that black holes that are the subject of this stereotype of being too large for their own good?" Asked one fact checker.

Another guardian of correct public thought stated that, "it is extremely hurtful to the community of the plus-sized, which is ever increasing in size".

One particular university pledged to rename the offensive term "black hole" to plus-sized sun of rainbow color: "The plus-sized sun doesn't discriminate it welcomes all shades of the rainbow."

Others were not so lenient. "just because one sun has heavier bones than the other doesn't mean it isn't a beautiful bright sun!"

Here at the University of Life we are too afraid to comment.


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